It is almost mid March, and it has been a sweltering and seemingly endless summer with very little rain and little respite from the humidity and sunshine. The veggie patch is looking scorched and the the herbs are exhausted and have bolted to seed. The wild rocket, parsley, fennel and now the tomatoes are looking listless and wilting. I feel like uprooting everything and adding lots of compost to the exhausted soil and getting the patch ready for autumn and winter planting. But the weather has taken its toll on me and I too am exhausted and feel listless.

Luckily early in summer the garden produced lots. I had heaps of lovely eggplants, sorrel, tomatoes and chillies. The kale and silver-beet, chives and spring onions were plentiful as well. Another year of disappointment with the garlic, however all is not lost as the other day I was furiously tugging away at removing the last of the kale, and discovered a clump of young garlic shoots that had shot up and carefully redistributed them and so far they are thriving – fingers crossed.

The instant it gets a little cooler, I intend to be ruthless and completely renovate the veggie patch and plan plantings for the cooler months ahead.