Autumn, another season

Welcome to another season, autumn – and there is a change in the weather, a noticeable nip in the air in the mornings, less humidity and the sunrise is getting later. It will soon be setting the clocks back again and time to plant winter vegetables in the garden. I love autumn not just because of the change of weather from the heat of summer but it means enjoying the seasons end of stone fruit when peaches and plums are at their best, and for me it is when figs are plentiful and cheap. Late summer brings out all those juicy, sweet figs bursting with sweetness. Perhaps it because the fig season is short and when available I can’t stop eating them. They are great fully ripe and bursting, enjoyed as they are or in a salad with goats cheese and garden leaves with a scattering of walnuts or toasted almonds and a drizzle of balsamic vinegar or grilled with crisped Prosciutto and goats cheese or baked in a custard filled sweet tart.

Figs are lovely both in savoury and sweet dishes and they look spectacular when pinched open exposing that soft ripe luscious red purple flesh and slightly crunchy seeds. Green, purple or black, small or large, figs have to be one of the best fruit around and so versatile. I even love them dried and stewed as a winter treat.

In summer they are a delicious summer dessert serve chilled with fresh ricotta or added to a fruit salad I love my easy dessert of chilled very ripe figs, pinched open and then topped with a spoonful of cooked sago stirred through with some coconut cream and salt flakes and scattered over with pomegranate seeds and drizzled with the juice of pomegranates.
A perfect ending to a summer lunch. Check out the recipe for this easy and delicious summer dessert treat