Cooking at the Balmain Glasshouse

On the 15th of May I did a cooking demo in conjunction with the Balmain Glasshouse at the Town Hall, using produce from my garden.

I used the last of the spinach and beetroot, as well as curry leaves, and sorrel. The curry leaf tree is thriving as is the sorrel.

The spinach went into a dhal and chick pea curry along with the curry leaves.
The beetroot was cooked 2 ways: the leaves in a Sri Lankan preparation called ‘mallung’ [tempered/stirfied with onion, garlic, chillie, curry leaves, grated coconut and maldive fish flakes]
The beetroot, julienned and tempered with curry leaves, onions, chillie, mustard, vinegar and spices] check out the ‘Beetroot tempered’ recipe.

With the sorrel, I made an asian styled pesto using green chillies, cashews and rice bran oil [check out the recipe] I smeared it on salmon fillets which were seared.