MasterChef Live 2012

MasterChef Live 2012

On 5,6, & 7 October, MasterChef Live was on at the Hordern Pavillion, Sydney.
It was packed with hundreds of MasterChef fans of all ages and I was asked to participate [I couldn’t last year as I away on holiday in Sri Lanka at the time]

It was great fun to meet all the fans and cook for them live on stage.
There was Justine from season 1, Dani, Hayden and myself, Andy, Juila, Audra, Mindy, Ben, Kylie, Amina and Kev from Season 4, plus all the celebrity chefs.

I was very nervous when I had to do a mystery box challenge with Adriano Zumbo, but it was great fun and really enjoyable.

Lovey produce and products and of course the kids, teenagers, grown ups and seniors- an unforgettable experience