My book

Kumar's Family Cookbook

Finally my book is ready and available.

It has taken a while, what with the writing of recipes and stories, illustrating and cooking, it has been a long process but it has been worth it as it is looking really great and I am so very pleased.

What started off 4 years ago as a collection of illustrated cooking sheets for my sons has grown into a book of all the things I love cooking at home for family and friends. I have also included incidents and stories of my childhood in Sri Lanka and what with the research for recipes of family favourites, getting photographs from relatives and illustrating the dishes/food, it has taken a bit of time.

The whole process was very new to me as this time I was on the other side of the desk. I used to design books, and now having to write and illustrate was something I had not done before. It has been an exhausting but enjoyable experience.

The finished product is now available at all bookstores throughout Australia and online. You may also preview and buy the ebook through my publisher: Allen & Unwin