Suddenly it is Summer again

Enjoying a meal all together on holiday

It is almost coming to the end of another year and it has been another very busy year – I promised myself at the start of the year that I would be disciplined and update this website monthly, and as with most new year resolutions that intention soon flew out of the window! but it has been an incredibly busy and action packed year.

In January we went on a family holiday to Sri Lanka and it had been over 10 years since we spent time there as a family. The last time we were there together our sons were just entering their teens, this time around traveling with them as adults and accompanied by their partners was so very different and even more enjoyable. We went to some old familiar places and some new areas as well and it was a great start to what has been a very busy year.

I got into a market stall business selling Sri Lankan ‘Hoppers’ and it has been so much work and enjoyable too, but more about this in a later blog post. In August we went to Sri Lanka again, this time on a culinary tour which was the best yet as it was centred around the Kandy Perahera as well as taking in the East coast – see my separate post ‘Sri Lanka Culinary Tour 2016’

I have been fitting in cooking classes and demos and doing a monthly class at Beehive Industries in Sydney with a program that teaches disabled/disadvantaged seniors how to cook an easy, nutritious low cost meal. So what with all this activity I have been neglecting updating this blog/website and will be doing a seasonal [quarterly] update instead of every month or two months.