Winter and Spring was holidaying in the UK, Portugal and Spain, we had a great holiday despite a few health issues: a bad knee for me and broken bones in a foot which resulted in a plaster cast for Sally. Not the best way to travel on a holiday but we kept going and didn’t let that stop us from taking trains and buses and walking as much as we could and of course eating all that delicious food, enjoying the markets, seeing beautiful gardens, visiting museums, churches and cathedrals and architecture both old and contemporary. We got back inspired and refreshed.
Unfortunately, with all this travel, I couldn’t update this website and now we are into summer.
A couple of weeks ago there was so much lovely seasonal produce and it was lovely to be able to cook with fresh asparagus, artichokes and strawberries and blueberries. Now, it is all the stone fruit and summer greens. There are still fresh zucchini flowers on sale and they are one of my favourites. I love them stuffed with goats cheese, thinly battered and shallow fried. I was going to illustrate mangoes for summer, but these zucchini flowers looked so lovely and as I had never illustrated them, I decided I would. No, they weren’t easy but I was very pleased with the result. I was also thinking of doing something different with them and thought of doing them with an asian twist. So I stuffed them with toasted chopped cashews, cream cheese and a touch of unroasted curry powder. Dipped them in a thin chick pea flour batter that was spiked with a hint of chilli and turmeric and shallow fried them.
They were delicious, and a new dish was born!