Summer treats 2

The heat of summer has meant salads and light meals and lots of cooling fruit. I have enjoyed all the stone fruit, mangoes, figs, and watermelon. Of course summer also means cold treats of icy cold drinks and fruity cocktails, chilled wines and beer as well as ice cream, gelato and sorbets.

I have been experimenting with sugar free, low fat desserts and last month I got out the ice cream maker from the back of the cupboard and have been making sorbets: mango, coconut, citrus and watermelon. Actually so easy to do with an ice cream maker as all you have to do is puree the fruit in a blender and churn in an ice cream maker. You can add sugar to taste [ I only add sugar to lime or lemon ].

My favourites this year are coconut and watermelon. I sometimes add eggwhite to the mixture if i have any spare to hand in the freezer – it gives the sorbet a texture more like a gelato: less grainy and smoother, but it works as well without the egg white. You don’t require an ice cream maker as the puree can be frozen in a covered plastic take away container and forked at intervals. Takes a little longer freezing time but as easy and effective. What I like about an ice cream maker is that you can pour in the fruit puree, switch on and forget and until it is ready and if you time it right, you can have a freshly made soft serve sorbet ready for a refreshing dessert just when you need it.

Check out the recipe and try making a sorbet with your favourite summer fruit – next on the cards for me when I return from Sri lanka are white peaches, passion fruit and I am going to give figs a go !