The winter veggie garden

During the warm autumn we had in Sydney, I got around to re-organising my unruly veggie patch. It had become straggly and unruly with quite a few things bolting to seed. The fennel, parsley, lemon grass and sorrel were rampant and overgrown. A massive tidy up and and clean up has resulted in a much tidier patch with lots of freed up space for winter veggies.

Luckily I was able to give one of my local Italian restaurants all of the excess herbs of Sorrel, Thyme, Sage, Fennel and Fennel flowers that i harvested – so they were all put to good use.

Now there is kale, rainbow chard, rocket, peas [both baby peas and snow peas] garlic, spring onions and a border of borage almost ready to flower and attract more bees. I am keeping my fingers crossed that this time my garlic which is looking very healthy will continue to flourish and produce some healthy bulbs. The beetroot is almost ready for harvesting and I have cut back the thyme to encourage new growth and the parsley has self seeded and coming up every where. I have also sown some broad beans and broccoli and there seems to be very little space left.

I managed to grow spring onions and bok choy by placing the cut root ends in shallow dishes and they sprouted within a couple of weeks ensuring a steady supply of plants for planting. This is a cheap and easy way of ensuring a constant supply of seedlings for planting.