Sydney winters can be cold, but usually it is very pleasant with sunny and blue daytime skies and cool or cold nights and are usually very bearable without the humidity of the summer months.

I always redo my garden plot in winter as everything is dormant and gives me time to weed, re stock and re do the planter box. I collect the seed from the parsley and fennel, get rid of spent plants, and have a big clean up and reorganise and fertilise. So very staisfying. I usually plant peas, kale and broad beans all of which love the cooler weather.

I love winter as it means long slow cooking of stews, soups, pot roasts and braises. The change of seasons brings on cauliflowers, cabbage, broccoli, brussel sprouts, rhubarb, beetroot and all the lovely root vegetables for roasting. Winter also is the season for truffles and nuts. Hazel nuts, walnuts and chestnuts, all of which can be roasted along with root vegetables for some delicious accompaniments to winter roasts.