Spiced prawns and asparagus

10 minutes

5 minutes

Servings: 2

A quick, easy and delicious way of cooking asparagus and prawns with a touch of spice


1 bunch green asparagus
1 red onion
12 green prawns
1 small red chilli, sliced fine
1 clove garlic – chopped fine
2 tbsp unroasted Sri Lankan curry powder
1 sprig curry leaves [optional]
vegetable oil
salt, pepper


Wash and trim the asparagus and cut into 3 cm pieces, slice the onion finely, shell and devein prawns. Add a splash of oil to a pan and fry onion, garlic and chilli [and curry leaves if using]
Add the asparagus and prawns and the curry powder and cook shaking the pan until prawns turn opaque. Add a squeeze of lemon and stir to combine. Asparagus should be crunchy.
Serve warm with steamed rice